Many of the materials used to build the Suze’s new digs were stored in our garage until they were ready for use. One of the items I was really curious about turned out to be the item used for waterproofing the wet areas of the room. Instinctively, I knew this stuff was underneath the walls and tiles of our bathrooms, I’d just never seen what it actually looked like. If you’re as curious as I was about what this stuff looks like, I can’t describe it in writing, so you’ll have to find out for yourself. Lol.

Once the waterproofing material was in place, it was time to ceramic tile the shower wall as well as the floor in Suze’s room. Tiling is another one of those jobs that to be done right needs to take a little time and patience as well as strong knees and back; in other words, a young man’s job. Little John, still in his 20’s fits the bill. John claimed that there is a secret recipe to getting the glue to the right consistency to ensure fantastic adhesion and a level and flat surface. I don’t care (too much) that he didn’t share the recipe cause the tiling was done immaculately.

Tile we meet again. Tata for now.

Free at last, free at last, praise God almighty, I am free at last. Sounds like a Martin Luther King quote, but it is actually a quote from the not yet famous, Brian O’Connor.

One of the body-saving devices that is part of the Accessibility Renovation, are the ceiling tracks and harness system that will help transport Susan around the house. CHEX TV felt it was newsworthy enough that they sent a videographer to capture the installation as part of the total news story. Prior to filming Doug from Durham Medical had already installed the TRACK for Susan’s bed/bathroom and under TV camera pressure performed the living-room install. Mike Holmes has some competition.

One of the bonuses of the CHEX camera being here, was the attempt to get the extremely camera-shy, Little John to perform his magic ceramic tile install live on camera. We eventually were able to talk him into getting his hands on-screen.

It is shocking how many married men have mentioned, with some derision in their tone, how pink the paint is in SUSAN’s room. Married men should know that married men do not make colour decisions, period, end of story. That being said, the colour does look really good, period, end of story.

The pink decision was primarily motivated by the quilt Susan’s grandmother had hand-stitched for Susan. With the fixtures, vanity, cupboards and tile being primarily white, something was needed to provide some colour to the room. Pink it was, so PINK it is.