More renovation guests! Thursday afternoon, Rob and Rob from Moore Electric came in to check out their role. Rob and Rob did the full walkabout to scope out the work, and created a shopping list of parts. They decided to start early Friday morning. (I think the real reason they wanted to start Friday morning was because they heard Terry from Durham Medical would be taking pictures of the team at work and they wanted to be immortalized on the Durham Medical website.)

Friday morning, armed with the tools and parts required to wire the Suze’s room and laundry area, Rob and Rob attacked the job like they were shock-full of 1000 volts. It was an electrifying performance.

Luke from Titan Plumbing (without his partner in crime, Dave) finished off the plumbing at the same time. At one point, 5 guys were working in the space of that new room. I’m actually shocked that with all those power tools no one got hammered, drilled or sawed in half. Terry from Durham Medical came for the photo shoot while they were all crammed in the room; I’m sure she found it equally amusing that all that talent was confined to that one little area.

The thing that impressed me most about the tradespeople working on this project, is that every single one looked at the big picture first and asked clarifying questions, rather than jumping right in. Only when they understood the job and had planned their work did any tools make a sound.

McLellan Contracting, Titan Plumbing, Moore Electric and the rest of the crew have all been above first rate. If I were to suggest an improvement, I would ask for more name diversity in the workforce. Of the 9 people on this project, we’ve had 3 Robs, 2 Daves and 2 Johns. Luke and Darrel feel left out because they don’t share their name with anyone.

After living through the standing-room only performance of the roughing-in of the electrical and plumbing, as well as having the boys from McLellan Contracting working in the same (small) space, it must have felt positively spacious when coming to work the following Monday. Darrel and Dave were joined by Darrel’s regular partner-in-crime, John (little John). After failing to receive his PGA Tour Card while in Arizona for a week, John came in bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to build a new living space for the Suze.

In the ‘70’s sitcom, WKRP in Cincinnati, news director Les Nesman put down pieces of tape to show where walls would be if he had a real office. I guess Susan is better than Les Nesman, because she is getting real walls.

After re-framing, insulating and assorted other tasks, the drywall hanging time began. It is unbelievable how fast it took to put the drywall. It is equally unbelievable how long it takes to make the wall a piece of art once it is up. Several coats of filler, patching and sanding over the course of several days are the key to making the walls seamless and as smooth as a baby’s bottom (and that’s before the painting).

At the end of the drywall process, Dave moved on to another worksite, leaving Darrel and John to complete the job. Separation tears were shed, despite the denials, but being the professionals that they are, the show had to go on.