Darrel and Dave say that when you strip the walls off a room, there are always surprises waiting for you that make a renovation a more interesting experience. While they were discussing how to move forward with the work and challenges ahead, a visitor arrived in the person of John McLellan. Together, we decided that the original plan for the new laundry area was impractical and moved it to right below where it had been on the main floor.

Some of the more technical issues were discussed and resolved by the 3 experts. The most fascinating problem was that the heat register and associated piping was exactly where the new toilet was supposed to go. Some silly and amusing banter ensued regarding using the heat pipe jointly as a plumbing pipe. Kind of puts a whole new meaning on the phrase “home heated by Natural Gas.” LOL

With the old framework dismantled, Dave worked on making sure we were properly framed again, while Darrel moved onto the task of prepping the shower area. Lots of neat and loud construction noises, power saws, hammering etc. These guys probably go home to a diet of Absorbine Jr.

As a person who generally doesn’t like to expend too many brain cells on décor decisions, I am amazed that Heather still asks me to come along on these excursions. Be that as it may, armed with a list of square footage to be covered, Heather and I traipsed off to CERAMIC TILE ZONE in Ajax to select the “look” for Susan’s digs.

Fortunately, we were met by an angel of ceramic tile mercy, Stacey, who guided us to the appropriate part of the showroom. After we had narrowed the selection to a top 3, Stacey’s expertise proved invaluable. She explained what colour schemes would work with each of our choices and armed with that info, we made our final selection. We were in and out in 45 minutes--in my book, a real bonus.

Thursday morning, 2 new members joined the renovation project--Luke and Dave from TITAN Plumbing. They performed a complete walkthrough of the project to get a feel for the job. Before they touched a pipe, they discussed their work-plan with Dave and Darrel to ensure they understood the task.

It is one of Mother Nature’s cruel hoaxes that once the water-main has been shut off, you become more acutely aware of your needs on the bathroom front. C’est la vie. Luke began building the piping that would be the lines for the Suze’s new bathroom, while Dave emptied the lines and started the work for the plumbing to the new laundry area.

Huh—it looked like less piping providing more service. Not sure if that is an optical illusion or if they are just very talented.