Darrel and Dave say that when you strip the walls off a room, there are always surprises waiting for you that make a renovation a more interesting experience. While they were discussing how to move forward with the work and challenges ahead, a visitor arrived in the person of John McLellan. Together, we decided that the original plan for the new laundry area was impractical and moved it to right below where it had been on the main floor.

Some of the more technical issues were discussed and resolved by the 3 experts. The most fascinating problem was that the heat register and associated piping was exactly where the new toilet was supposed to go. Some silly and amusing banter ensued regarding using the heat pipe jointly as a plumbing pipe. Kind of puts a whole new meaning on the phrase “home heated by Natural Gas.” LOL

With the old framework dismantled, Dave worked on making sure we were properly framed again, while Darrel moved onto the task of prepping the shower area. Lots of neat and loud construction noises, power saws, hammering etc. These guys probably go home to a diet of Absorbine Jr.